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Specific to the Metal Casting Industry

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• Developed for the Cast Metals Industry

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• Proven training methods
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A: There is no mountain we won't climb

Synchro ERP - We do this for you!

B: There isn't a metalcaster where Synchro ERP cannot make a difference!

Synchro ERP - We do this for you!

C: Substantial competitive advantage.

ERP Software Solution

Synchro ERP is an Industry Specific Focused Solution. Since 1975

Synchro is completely dedicated to and specializes in the Cast Metal Industry. Synchro ERP a specific software ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) developed to meet the unique and exclusive requirements for each of the sub manufacturer’s within the sector:

  • Iron Foundry ERP Software
  • Steel Sand Foundry ERP Software
  • Centrifugal Casters ERP Software
  • Aluminum Sand Foundry (Aluminium) ERP Software
  • Diecasting (Pressure Diecaster) ERP Software
  • Gravity Diecasting (Permanent Molder) ERP Software
  • Precision Moulder (Precision Molder) ERP Software
  • Investment Casting ERP Software
  • Loss Wax & Lost Foam Casting ERP Software

A fully integrated system which facilitates extensive control of your business. Our software offers depth and breadth of function with a wide range of flexible facilities designed to meet the unique requirements of your company.

ERP & MRP Specific Production Control and Management Information

  • Production & Scheduling
  • Tracking * Traceability *Work in Progress *Inventory Management *Scheduling *Quality Control *Multiple Manufacturing Processes *Sales Order Processing
  • Costing & Estimating
  • Purchase Order Planner
  • Quality Assurance
  • Inventory Management
  • Pattern & Tooling
  • Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC)
  • ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) all maintained within the single Synchro database
  • MRP - Material Requirement/Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Service Manager - seamless unmanned data collection for linking spectrograph, tensile test, chemical & physical analysis and other shop floor data collection.
  • Data Collection Points * Time & Attendance *WIP Monitoring *Scrap Recording * Touch Screen
  • B2B Linking
  • Currency Requirements - meeting the most complex currency and compound taxation requirements (global)
  • Account Linking - seamless to accounting software 
  • Language Facilities - easy conversion to your own language or just your own terminology!



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Incorporating ERP/MRP Specifically designed for the Foundry and Cast Metal Industry
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